Crazy Slots Battles

Hollywood's collective eyebrows were raised when the movie Snakes on a Plane was released back in 2006, and raised even higher when Sharknado came out. The former never made it into the world of slots, while the latter seems to be unavailable as a slots game at the moment. The point is, unusual pairings can cause audiences to sit up, provoking that "what if..." button in the imagination. Well, it seems that plenty of online slots developers around the world have been pushing that particular button: a quick glance through the games lobby at Wildz reveals some of the weirdest and wonderful character combinations imaginable. Take a closer look to see if any grab your attention, too.

Someone's going hungry

Imagine a slots game that has different kinds of delicious vegetables as symbols on the reels, along with skulls and candles. Look closer, those ears of corn appear to be a weapon! This is the dietary delight, Vegans vs. Vampires: a slot that pits these unlikely foes against each other, although the characters are all designed in a rather friendly fashion. Perhaps they can simply agree to disagree? Only one way to find out...

Pragmatic Play has opted for a more predictable pairing when it comes to the bloodthirsty undead: Vampires vs. Wolves. While there are some wolves on the reels, the presumed werewolves are regular human peasants with beards, while the vampires opt for a more theatrical style of dress that centres on dramatic capes. The battles in this case involve vanquishing the relevant parties with icons that, according to folklore, can render them powerless. There are regular Free Spins rounds with an option to choose your preferred volatility for the round, too, an unusual addition.

Santa vs Aliens reels

Naughty, nice or intergalactic?

Christmas may be over for the year, but the fight for good to triumph prevails, if you are Santa. Especially if you're having to defend the planet from attackers from outer space! Santa vs. Aliens comes with alien invaders, lethal-looking Christmas ornaments and a buff Santa who looks like he's been spending some time at North Pole Gym. It takes a few moments to understand what all the symbols mean since they are unique in design, but the action isn't too complex. Secure those winning combinations and potential rewards, that's the aim of this game. It's an odd mix, but it seems to work! For a more sedate Santa game, try Santa vs. Rudolf.

Bigger is better

In both Gods vs. Gigablox and Monsters vs. Gigablox the object is the same, to see the expanding symbols get used to your advantage when they appear on the reels. These games are both quite involved and it takes a bit of patience to get to the vs. bonus round unless you're prepared to put some of your bankroll on the line by opting into the buy-bonus feature. If you do, you immediately see a far more rewarding version of the game, but there's also a risk that you could forfeit the amount from your bankroll only to take out a reward that's smaller after the Free Spins round. The character designs in both games are brilliantly done, offering the feel of slick animations.

The Carrot vs. the stick

We're not sure what it is about vegetables but they seem to cause violence among some game designers. Some have even sent innocent carrots off to war. Yes, there's a battle happening out there in the fields, in Napoleon vs. Rabbits. In this online slots game styled as a pixelated '90s video game, the Emperor himself goes up against some rabbits. These furry chaps clearly don't like their fields being used for cannons and horses and so on, they just want their carrots. Jump ahead into bonus round opportunities by using the buy-bonus feature, if you like, and watch those rabbits do their thing!

There are loads more unlikely battles to be found in the world of online casino slots. A cursory glance reveals the Hip Hop rivalry of East Coast vs. West Coast, the magical pairing of Pixies vs. Pirates and the spooky Jack O' Lantern vs. the Headless Horseman, as well as some epic tussles between gods and mortals.

While it would be fun to see a Snakes on a Plane slot, we're pretty sure there will be plenty of other strange combinations coming to an online casino near you soon.